Sweet Revenge Cover Reveal


We’ve made it, the final book in the Dancing With the Devil series is coming soon. 

Sweet Revenge Blurb Reveal:


Shot in the chest, bleeding, dying.
That’s how she found me, lying on the floor.
My angel. The woman I once thought had betrayed me.
Instead, she saved my life.
Now, I will do anything to protect her.
Even if that means killing my own family members.
The syndicate used to mean everything to me.
Not anymore.
She’s the one thing in this life that matters.
I’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s safe and can finally live the life she deserves.
I almost lost him.
I’ll never forget how it felt to see my dark angel bleeding out all over the bakery floor.
He’s back now and stronger than ever.
Together, we’ll squash every threat that rises against us.
Even when those threats include my own father.
If I have to kill him myself, I will.
Then, my dark angel and I can finally fly away from this terrible life.
And finally be free.

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