I always finish the job. Until Violet.


I think I found him. The man who doesn’t fear my father.

Xavier Dyer takes tall, dark, and dangerous to new levels. He steals my breath and sets my heart to pounding. The cold steel of his gun should frighten me.

I’d like to say I tried to stay away, but I’d be lying. He sucks me in with every breath, using his body, his hands, his voice to seduce me.

He commands me in the bedroom and leaves me wrecked.

Until I discover who he really is. And just how he came to find me.

The bastard lured me in and gave me the one thing I desperately needed. He knew I would let him do whatever he wanted to me.

Right up until that final second.


She has no idea what I really am.

Violet Wynn is the daughter of a monster. Her billionaire father will be to blame for her death. He deserves it.

Violet started off like every other job to me. She was nothing more than a target. A paycheck. But then I touch her, taste her, and devour her. All I want is more.

As the hours tick by, I start to question whether or not I’ll be able to pull the trigger at the end.

But I must. It’s her or me. That’s the only way this can end.

And if I have to string her along?

So be it. I’m a Shade. Nobody escapes my wrath.

Not even Violet.


He’s the only man I trust to protect me. But he’s my assassin.


He’s coming for me.

There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

All I can hope for is that I can stay ahead of him. It’s my only shot.

The only problem is I have no idea how to stay on the run. Growing up the way I did prevented me from learning any real survival skills. The best I can do is keep my head down and resist the urge to call my family. They can’t know where I am. Because if they know, he’ll find out.

When he finds me, there isn’t a damn thing I’ll be able to do to stop him from killing me.


Violet needs to keep running. If she stops, even just to rest her eyes for a bit, the other Shade and I will catch up with her, and she’ll be doomed.

We both will be.

I have to find her. Then I have to get her the hell away from The Shades. That means I have to earn her trust.

But why would she ever trust me?

I held a gun to her head last night. I nearly killed her. Some moments, I think I should have. It would have been easier than this. She wouldn’t have had to suffer all this fear.

She would be free.

But I didn’t pull the trigger. And now, Devon and I are right on her tail, and there’s no telling what kinds of wicked things he’ll do to Violet if—no, when—he gets his hands on her. She won’t stand a chance.

I’m the only thing standing between her and a grisly death, and I refuse to let the mistakes of her father destroy her.

I’ll fight for her until the end.


He was hired to kill me. Now he’s my lover.


We’re on the run with danger and death nipping at our heels.

At least I’m not alone now. Xavier is with me, but I don’t even know if he’ll survive.

Maybe life didn’t prepare me to face down a team of contract killers, but I’ll fight to keep Xavier alive.

I never meant to fall for the man who set out to kill me. Now that I have, I’ll do anything to keep him safe, to give us a chance.


Violet is everything to me. I’m not even sure I’ll survive this, but I’ll do anything to keep her safe.

She’s so much more than I ever imagined—fierce, passionate, and strong.

I was hired to kill her, and now I’ll face down anyone who tries to harm her.

In spite of it all, she’s put her faith in me. It will take everything I have to honor that faith.

I only hope her father pays for his mistakes, and I get the chance to love her the way she deserves.

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