Till Death Do Us Part

I’m the kind of guy that takes without asking.

Cause life hasn’t really done well serving my desires, but that’s about to change.

I’m knee deep in working a black widow scandal with my childhood bestie that’s paying rich-ass dividends.

Until beautiful Jenna Web shows up.

The daughter of the DA in New York. A goodie-goodie that I just can’t say no to.

But my partner in crime isn’t too thrilled with my new girl.

And my woman doesn’t know all of my secrets. She’d never accept me as-is.

With one foot in the light and one in the dark, I have to decide which way to go before it’s too late.

True freedom isn’t always what it’s chalked up to be anyways.

Especially not when vows are involved…


Some desires are better left untapped…

I didn’t choose the life I’m living, and yet, I own it.

My relief from the violence and blood is through fiction novels.

No one knows and never will. It’s not appropriate, nor would it ever be accepted.

As the son of the most violent mob boss in all of New York, I play the part well.

And love is the last thing on my mind. I’d lose it the minute I got it anyway.

So what’s the point?

But then Grace appears.

A sweet, innocent, virginal librarian with a bend toward romance books, or that’s what I see her holding in her pale fingers all the time.

She’s far more than meets the eye, and from what I can tell, she’s not looking for love either.

Just a dark encounter with a dangerous stranger in a quiet corner of the library.

Good. I’m the right man for the job.


Frat boy Thomas Adams has made more than his fair share of mistakes in his life, but none have come with a price he couldn’t pay.

Until now.

Mobster Erik Bertinelli earned his position as one of the most feared men in New York City in blood, and Thomas owes him a debt he isn’t capable of paying.

Erik is a resourceful man. He offers Thomas a job to square them away. And with the only other option being death, Thomas agrees.

Now Thomas finds himself kidnapping an old fling: Aria Carrington. The daughter of a billion-dollar NYC mogul.

With no choice, Thomas plays the hand he’s dealt.

One thing he never expected was for the violence to free the monster within.

Or even more so, for Aria to like it so damn much.


The mountain pass town was never big enough to hold a man like Kane Archer. Even back then.

Telluride, Colorado.

It’s calling him back.

Or rather, his ex girlfriend is.

She doesn’t understand that he has bigger, bloodier, more dangerous things on his plate. Kane is the right hand man of New York City’s most ruthless mobster, and he’s versed in more than just the art of torture and death.

Kane returns to Telluride to seal the lid on his past for good.

The secrets waiting for him there threaten to destroy everything he’s worked for. His future is beginning to look a hell of a lot like his past, and Kane has a choice to make.

Will he stay with the only woman who has ever loved him for the monster he is?

Or will he run just like he did all those years ago?

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