I’m not a good man. Not worthy of redemption.
As President of the Lost Breed MC, I fight, f*ck, and take what’s mine.
But everything changed in the blink of an eye, and now I got a kid, my brother’s kid.
The teenage bastard is just like me. And he’s gone missing.
My only hope is that the hot piece of ass that’s been assigned as my nephew’s parole officer is willing to help out a criminal like me.
She’s got something to prove to the world after losing her sister, and I plan on taking full advantage of her willingness.
She’s innocent, good hearted, and sexy as hell.
A preacher’s kid. The kind of girl I’d like to break in the bedroom.
I’m driven mad with the desire to gain her affection, to be the one that wakes her up in the dead of night to take advantage of her softness and remind her who’s king.
Why? Because she’s not buying my shit.
And I love it.


They wanted to attack my house. My family. My MC.
And for that, I brought hell to their doorstep.
An eye for an eye.
Little did I know that the favor would be returned in full.
Everything I hold dear is threatened, including the beautiful girl who holds my heart and doesn’t know it yet.
Things gets serious when the cops show up with a little one that’s supposedly mine?
My MC has always been the only family I’ve ever had, but times are changing.
There’s nothing I won’t do to protect what’s mine from The Black Hearts.
Even kill – every last one of them.


Seven men were killed last night. T
heir bodies were sliced and diced by a psycho with a machete, and no matter what angle I look at it from, I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to get my hands dirty.
Real dirty.
Things gets even more complicated when the girl who captured my heart a decade ago, moves back to New York City.
She has secrets, that much is clear, but I can’t help but be drawn to her warmth.
She’s a haven from the chaos that lingers at my doorstep, and she’s my responsibility to protect.
But my life with my MC is a threat to her—and so is the man with the machete and the hunger for blood.
Maybe I’m the one I need to protect her from.
Maybe I’m the reason it will all fall apart.
Or maybe I’m the only one who can hold it all together.


I’m an unlucky guy.
Things just has a way of kicking me when I’m down.
When the girl of my dreams comes back to New York City and doesn’t refrain from seeking me out, I know it’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops and things hits the fan.
Someone is hunting Lost Breed members and they’re not being shy about it.
A man with a violent past has thrown his lot in with the Black hearts and their new leader is keen on our destruction.
Our death. It’s my responsibility to keep my girl safe – no matter the cost- no matter the risk.
But I could never have foreseen how everything would go down.
I never could have known that the Lost Breed was about to face a villain who doesn’t know the meaning of mercy.


I’ve never been the sort of man who needed a woman. I’ve never needed anyone, in fact.
The Lost Breed MC gives me all that I could ever ask for.
They’re family, and now they’re in danger.
The Hand is inching closer and closer to our inner circle, and he’s never been more of a threat than he is right now.
Jason, Ryder’s nephew, conveniently reappears while The Hand is making power moves.
I’m not blind to coincidence. Something is amiss.
Not only do I have my hands full dealing with a killer, but there’s a beautiful brown-haired girl drawing circles around my heart and making things more complicated.
Love has never been on my radar, but this woman won’t give up.
She’s in as much danger as I am, if not more.
I might not be enough to stand between her and the man who has been making the last year of my life a living hell, but I’m sure going to try.
She’s worth it. My MC is worth it.
Together, they’re all I have left in the world.


I’m a loner, and it seems I always will be.
It’s safer that way. My last girl up and left because things got too dangerous.
Not that I blame her.
It’d be better if I could stay away from love for good, but the pretty single mom who dances at my club has my attention, then my body, and now my heart.
The world is crumbling around me, with villains gunning for my MC left and right, and the only thing that saves me is her.
Scarily enough, she’s trying to save herself.
An abusive relationship and a little one to deal with have her struggling to keep her head above water.
Time to step in and save her. I have to. No matter what. Why?
She’s the one that pulls my black soul up from the darkness and forces me to breathe again with her warmth.
I just can’t help but wonder how she’ll feel when she realizes that I’m no different from the evil that’s after us.
I’m more of what she doesn’t need. I wish I was a good guy and could walk away, but I’m in too deep.
I’ve gone too far.
No matter what or who comes our way, I’ll be ready to protect what is mine.
Cause that’s what bad boys do.


I’ve been running too long.
Eight months of lonely nights and wasted days, looking, trying to find my place.
And I thought it boiled down to hooking up with a new MC.
But it was so much more.
And now, the only girl I’ve ever loved shows up and needs my help.
She’s asking too much. Her brother’s death years before was my fault, and that loss haunts us both.
Just being around her breaks me.
No way I can tell her no, but once it’s done, I’m walking away.
She deserves better, and this world I live in is too dangerous for her.
I’d never forgive myself if something happened to her, and my happiness ain’t worth all that.
And yet, I can’t let her go.
No matter how right it is to do it.


I’ve never been that great with women.
Wait. Hold up. That’s not necessarily true.
I’ve always been good with them physically.
But at a certain point, that’s not enough. And that point is now.
I never thought I would get to a point where I wanted more.
But here I am. Single, living alone, and still missing my dead cousin who, if he were still alive, would give me shit for still being single and living alone.
But when I saw her singing along to a song I didn’t know and strumming her fingers on the wheel of her expensive Mercedes, I needed to know more about her.
I needed to know her name. How she walked.
How her lips looked when she said my name.
I never imagined that one conversation with her would change my entire life—and put me in the crosshairs of a man who has been making her life a living hell for the last few years.
Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know who the f*ck I am and what I’m willing to do for the girl who stole my heart the first second I saw her.


I’m done with my old ways.
No more bar fights, making enemies, or saying goodbye to friends who got caught in the crossfire of our dangerous lifestyle.
Things are better.
But it’s impossible for it to stay that way for long.
I’m not that lucky.
Evangeline Snow is the girl from my past who I didn’t deserve.
Her father made sure I knew that.
But now, seven years later, after running into each other by happenstance, it’s like no time has passed.
We’re both stronger people and we know what we want.
Nothing has changed for me. I want her.
The question is whether or not she’s willing to stand her ground and stay by me or choose her father and her own reputation over what we have.
I won’t blame her if she chooses the safe route.
I am the road less travelled.
And trouble will inevitably find its way back to me one way or another.
It always does.


We’re finally waking up from the nightmare.
The Lost Breeds have been through Hell and back, and finally, life is slowing down.
In the stillness, I realize that something is missing.
All the other guys in the MC have women in their corner to kiss their wounds and help them heal.
It’s my damn turn. I see her on a busy New York City street and know without a doubt—she’s the one.
She’s everything a man like me dreams of.
But she’s out of my league. Wayyyy out of it.
A billionaire by birth. Lucky for her, I’m willing to be whatever she needs, what keeps her up late at night and drags her from sleep with yearning.
This girl has no clue what’s about to hit her. Me.
Full force with the desire to be deeply connected and fully devoted for the first time ever.
Things are changing too fast to keep up.
She’ll be my rock when it all falls apart.
And she doesn’t even know me yet.



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