“One more round.” I lifted my beer and glanced around at my fellow club members as a smile played at the edge of my lips. I knew they wouldn’t pass up beer. Especially not if I were paying.

“Fuck, why not.” Hyde raised his glass and smirked. “These women in here tonight aren’t exactly the prime target of my affections usually.”

“Keep drinking. You’ll get there.” Our Vice President, Axel raised his glass. “Besides, last I checked, you didn’t give a shit where you stuck your dick. As long as it was a live, you were in.”

I laughed. “He’s right, my man. You’re a whore.”

“Never said I wasn’t.” Hyde shrugged and downed his beer with several large gulps. He growled and slammed the mug against the wooden table before standing up. “Alright. Time to fuck.”

“Turn toward the dance floor. You creep me the fuck out when you say that and you’re looking at us.” Jax ran his hand over his smoothly shaved face and gave Hyde a look while pointing toward the dance floor. “Turn your big ass around and head that way.”

We all shared a laugh as Hyde walked off in search of someone to spend the night with.

“You staying much longer?” Axel glanced my way.

“What are you, his mother?” Darek stood up and popped Caleb in the back of the head. “Let’s go throw some darts. Winner buys the next round.”

I ignored them as they started to fuck with each other.

“Why you asking?” I turned my attention to Axel.

“Cause I think I’m headed home. I have a few meetings in the morning at the shop and honestly, I’m getting old. I don’t wanna feel like shit tomorrow.”

“Pussy.” I smiled and picked my beer up.

A pretty blonde waitress stopped beside our table and put her hand on her hip. “You boys need anything else?”

“Sex.” I glanced up at her, happy to find her pretty cheeks burning pink. “But only if you’re a screamer.”

“You do love to hear a woman sing your praises. Fucking weirdo.” Axel stood, downed his beer and patted my shoulder before moving around the girl. “See you in the morning at the shop. Don’t be late.”

“You’re thinking of Hyde.” I kept my eyes on her though my comments were for Axel as he walked off. “I’m always right on time.”

Her eyes widened a little. “Did you need anything else?”

I chuckled. “You’re new around here, hm?”

“Yeah.” She turned as someone walked up behind her.

Candace King. The bitch that fucked my life up.

“Hi. You’re needed back at the bar. They’re searching for a wench and you look like you might fit the bill.” Her smile was tight, her glare ugly as she attacked the pretty blonde.

“Oh. Okay. Yeah. Sure.” The girl glanced back at me, embarrassment all over her face.

I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

“Well, well. Look what life vomited up today.” I winked at her and turned back to my beer, ignoring the burning desire in the core of my stomach to bend the bitch over the table in front of me. She was by far the best lay I’d ever had, but then again, she was a whore of sorts. A beautiful whore, but a whore nevertheless.

“You know you’re happy to see me.” She sat down beside me and slid her hand up my thigh, gripping my dick tightly and cupping my balls. “Don’t act like you don’t jerk off to images of us fucking.”

“Those days are long gone.” I glanced down at her grip on me as my cock grew thick and hard. “While you’re down there, can you scratch right under my left nut.”

She laughed, patted my sack again and pulled back. “Come dance with me.”

“Not a chance in hell.” I licked my lips and took another drink of my beer as I scanned the old bar where my MC spent far too many nights.

“Scared of where it might lead?” She leaned a little closer, her dark hair draping over my shoulder, her heavy tits pressing against my arm.

“Oh no. I know where it would lead.” I turned toward her, our noses almost touching. “My dick buried eight inches deep in your tight little ass.”

Her breath caught in her chest and I could smell her perfume mixed with the sweet musk of her pussy. She was everything a man would want… in a black widow.

“I want you.” She reached up and ran her fingers through the back of my hair, scraping at my scalp.

A million images burned through my mind. She’d been my first. My only for a long time.

“You want a lot of things, Candace, but I’m not one of them.” I reached up and pulled at her arm. “Find someone else. I’m not interested in your shit tonight.”

“Ryder. It’s been six months.”

“Ten.” I finished my beer and stood up, ignoring the tent my dick made in my pants. She had a way of making me burn for carnality. The things she’d let me do to her. Fuck. The things she’d done to me in our ten-year relationship. I was just a boy when she found me, but she grew me up as fast as she could.

She pressed herself against my side and reached over to stroke my cock again. Her lips were so goddamn soft on my neck. A fury burned deep in my chest. I couldn’t let her affect me anymore, but it seemed impossible when my body betrayed me.

“There’s a room in the back.”

“I know what the fuck is in the back,” I barked and turned toward her, reaching up and gripping her beautiful face roughly. “You play too many games. Get out of here before I take full advantage of what you’re offering.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” She leaned in and pressed her lips to mine.

The hunger boiling inside of my exploded. I hadn’t been with anyone that I had an emotional connection to in fucking forever. The need to belong, the feel of love, even if the shit was fake, overwhelmed me.

I picked her up and walked to the back as the little bitch wrapped her legs around me and sucked at my tongue.

“Ryder. Dude. No fucking-” Caleb stepped in the way.

“Back off,” Candace pulled from the kiss and hissed at him.

The position had her left tit in the perfect place for me to do some damage. I leaned down and sucked her nipple deep into my mouth as I walked to the back, ignoring the voice of reason. Poor Caleb. He was always the one trying to talk sense into us. It was an impossible fucking feat.

“Johnny,” Candace moaned and turned back, running her hands down my back as she pressed her breast further into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her budded nipple roughly and slid a hand down the back of her skirt. My fingers pressed against the rim of her opening and I found her sopping wet.

I pulled back and licked my lips. “Ryder. Don’t call me anything else. Period.”

“Got it.” She leaned down and pressed her lips to mine, arching her back and pressing down on my fingers to fuck herself as I made it to the door. “I’ll call you anything. Just don’t stop.”

“You’ll be lucky to get me to stop when you ask me to.” I pulled the door open and nipped at her lips as she bounced on my hand, her pussy pulling at my fingers as she contracted tightly. My cock pulsed with the need to sink deep inside of her. She knew how to milk me and every other fucker back in the bar.

Why am I doing this? Drop her on her ass and walk out.

Lust had taken over, and I wasn’t going anywhere.

I closed the door behind us and pulled my hand from her jeans as she slid down the front of my body and worked my jeans to my knees. She had her ruby red lips around my cock before I could reach out and steady myself. I slid my hands into her black hair and gripped it tightly, stilling her.

I rolled my hips, fucking her at a pace that felt less frantic. I’d come otherwise, and there wouldn’t be much fun in that. Prolonging the fuck was the name of the game and for that, I needed control.

She glanced up at me, her black eyes filled with animalistic hunger as she moaned and took my dick like a good girl.

“You’re right where you should be. On your knees in front of me.” I pressed deeper, forcing my cock into her throat. Her eyes widened a little, but she exhaled through her nose and relaxed. She was a goddess and I was going to find myself lost to her if I wasn’t careful.

The same bitch that stole my youth and turned me into the monster I was would be more than happy to snatch away my freedom and trap me once again.

The guys were going to be fucking furious that I’d let her near me.

Fuck ’em. I needed this. I needed her.

Her nails dug into my thighs and she pressed against my hold, sucking my shaft as her tongue whirled around the tip of my dick.

I moaned as pleasure shot through my stomach. I wanted to hear her call my name, to scream for me to slow down, to stop. I wanted to be too much for her.

The sound of disappointment that left her as I pulled back, kicked off my jeans and walked to the stack of boxes in front of me was almost cute. There had been a time not too far in the past that I would have chuckled at her for being precious. That time was long gone.

I turned and sat down, stroking myself. She stood and turned, putting a hand on her luscious hip.

“I was enjoying that.”

“Good for you. Come over here and fuck me. Do what you came to do.” I turned and pulled a condom from my pants pocket as lay on the floor behind me. She watched me like a hawk as I opened it and rolled it down my thick shaft. I was a big guy, and I used it to my advantage with women – all the time.

“God, you’re hot.” She pulled her shirt off and worked on her bra.

I leaned back and watched her. “Shut up talking and get over here. I’m still debating on getting you naked, tying you up and walking out.”

“My brother would kill you.” She threw her bra behind her and slid her skirt down her legs. No panties. Why was I not surprised? She knew what she came for, and fuck her for knowing that she would get it too.

“Your brother’s going to kill me anyway.” I reached up and grabbed her hips, spinning her. “Lower yourself on me. Give me a little bit of ass and a little bit of that sloppy wet pussy, Candace.”

“You always make me wet.” She gripped my thighs and leaned down, sliding her ass down my cock.

I closed my eyes and bit my tongue. There was no way in hell I was letting her know how good she felt.

“Fast.” I popped her ass and blinked a few times as the room went dim around me. How long had it been since I’d fucked someone? A few days? Why did this bitch have to matter so goddamn much?

She jerked up and arched her back, pressing down again. The tension was loosened, but the soft wetness of her pussy was enough to make me tense up in pleasure.

I reached up and grabbed a thick handful of her hair as she worked both of her delicious holes over my dick over and over again. She cried out in orgasm several times, but I forced her to keep moving, to keep fucking, to not forget why she was there.

She wanted to service me one more time? I wasn’t going to deny her or myself.

“Come Ryder. My legs hurt.”

I laughed. “I’ll come when you fuck me good enough to make me come.”

The angry expression on her face lit me up as she turned a little and narrowed her eyes at me. “I hate you sometimes.”

“I hate you all the time, bitch.” I pulled at her hair, forcing her back to bend until I pressed my lips to her ear. “Maybe you’re not the woman I thought you were, the one I remembered. Maybe this is a waste of my time.”

She growled loudly and jerked from me, bouncing her ass and fucking me with a fury that left me buckled over in orgasm.

I cried out and lifted my hips, fucking her deep and fast as she met me stroke for stroke.

Dropping back on the boxes, I let out a long, contented sigh as she got up and turned, pulling the condom off and tossing it behind her.


“No.” I reached up to stop her as she climbed in my lap and worked herself back down on my dick. The intensity of her skin pressed to mine was too much. “Yeah. More.” I pulled my shirt off and stood up to walk to the nearest wall. I pressed her to it and spent the next two hours filling every opening of her body with my seed. It wasn’t right. I should have used a condom, but the sexy bitch hadn’t gotten pregnant in all the years of us fucking bareback. She wouldn’t now either.

We dropped to the floor together when it was over. I held up my hand as she moved closer to me.

“No. It was a fuck. Get your clothes and get out. Now.” I ran my fingers through my hair and watched her. She wasn’t a good woman, but then again, I wasn’t a good man either.

Fuck. Maybe we deserved each other.

“So it’s like that, hm?” She stood up and gathered her stuff, getting dressed as she moved around on wobbly legs.

“Yeah, and don’t be a slut and tell your brother about this. It’s been quiet for a while. I’d like to keep it that way.”

She got dressed and walked to the door. “I won’t say a thing.”

“Why don’t I believe that?” I watched her go and sat down on a box nearby, my body spent and my heart aching. Candace was the only woman I’d ever loved, and some part of me still did.

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