Dancing with the Devil is coming back with Drowning in the Deep. It’s book three in the series and is coming soon!


The woman I’m falling for betrays me, and when I ask her to prove she’s loyal to me, and only me, she hesitates to do so.
If she’s not willing to do exactly what I ask her to do to prove that she’s on my side, she may as well be dead to me.
As things heat up between the rival factions within my own syndicate, as well as threats from the outside, I can’t let her distract me
It’s either me or her family.
She’ll prove whether or not she’s with me once and for all if she finally agrees to the task I demand of her.
Help me kill her father.
I am falling hard for Daemon, my dark angel, and I need him to know that.
But I’m not a killer.
As much as I hate my father, taking his life would turn me into a monster—which is exactly what he is.
My father is doing everything he can to make me change my mind—including torture and bloodshed.
The final straw that would make me end the bastard’s life?
Killing the man I love.
Would my father go that far and put a hit out on Daemon?
If he does, he will be the next to die—by my hand.

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