They murdered my brother and woke up a beast.

Losing my comrades in the military overseas was expected.

Coming home to a murdered little brother and a hometown ravaged by monsters that think they now own the place?

Not just no, but hell to the no. It’s about to get messy.

When I left Reno to join the SEALS, my younger brother took the reins to my MC, the Devil’s Luck.

He was supposed to wear the leather and fill the shoes until I got back. Not leave me alone in this life.

Now that I’m back, I have a bigger fight on my hands than I thought possible.

And not only that, but a beautiful girl is caught in the middle.

The type of woman that keeps a hard man like me up at night, pacing the floor with need.

I don’t deserve a woman like her. I’ve spilled too much blood in my life to be worthy of love.

Besides, I don’t have time for romance.

My town is under attack, and I’m going to get it back.

The war isn’t over.

It’s just beginning.


The world is burning down and all I can think about is a girl. 

The only woman that’s off limits—my best friend’s little sister. 

No one is thrilled to hear that I have her on my mind, but why should they be? 

I’m not worthy of such affection and no one is thinking about anything but taking down the psychopath that’s taking over our city. 

I gotta get my head in the game. The stakes are high, and everyone is looking my way to make things right alongside our leader. 

How this beauty worked her way into the heart of the club is beyond me, but one thing is for sure—I’m rolling high bets that she’s mine. 

No matter the ante.


We’re going to war.

You’d think a guy could get some peace and quiet to brace himself for the storm to come, but my President wants me to babysit the loose cannon.

The Ranger.

She’s tough as nails, hotter than hell, and she’s sleeping in my bed.

But she’s off limits and is not to be trusted.

With the enemy closing in and the noose tightening around my neck, I deserve a bit of fun.

Don’t I?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Besides, she’s on our side, right?

She trusts me enough to ruffle my sheets.

Either way, this Texas boy ain’t scared.

I’m looking for love in all the wrong places.


They want a better public image, and they choose me? Suckers.
But that’s what happens when your name gets dragged through the mud.
Thanks to the drama, Reno thinks the Devil’s Luck Motorcycle Club is a band of derelicts.
They’re right and wrong.
Lucky for me, a hot little thing from the Sunrise Casino drops the perfect opportunity into my lap.
That’s not the only thing I’m hoping lands in my lap.
Charity work? You gotta be shitting me.
But it looks like it just might work to get us into good graces with the place we call home.
And honestly, spending more time with her is at the top of my list.
The only catch to our long nights together is the secret she’s keeping from me.
A baby.
And here I thought I was the one rolling the dice.


I fell in love with the wrong girl—my former stepsister.

But that was years ago. Now I’m focused on my job at the hospital and my MC.

Love can stay a stranger since it prefers to play weird games.

Our enemy in the MC seems to be dead, but you never know.

Dead men have walked before.

There seems to be peace in our world, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And it does.

The girl I love shows up in a hospital bed during one of my shifts and f*cks my world up.

Someone hurt her, and everything points back to the dead man.

The MC starts to crack as the leader takes one for the team and goes head first into hell alone.

Usually I let the chips fall where they will, but this time? I’m fighting for everything that matters in my life.

This time, we win.

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