Chained to their pasts, their passions and each other… until one link snaps.

Kate Jarrett has been around the block a few times, her life nothing more than a trail of failures. After her father dies she inherits the family bar, a place where she’s accepted for who she is and loved for who she’s not. Due to the location of her new establishment, a few friends from her past make themselves welcomed and death shows up at her door.

Jon Peterson is a seasoned officer for the NOPD, his record clean and eyes set on being the youngest captain in the history of the force. When his little brother Adam turns up dead at a bar in the seedy side of town, Jon’s focus shifts. Is Kate involved in what happened to Adam or a pawn in a much larger game? Not interested in drama and hell-bent on justice mixed with revenge, Jon finds the one thing he never wanted – love.


With Victors demands laid on them, Jon, Marcus and Kate must traverse this new relationship between the four of them. A new threat moves into New Orleans and it will take all of them to keep control of their territory.

With emotions running high, Jon struggles with the nefarious life he’s been pulled into as well as the idea of sharing his beloved with a monster and a thug. Are Victors plans and purposes for only a time to construct the proper appearances to the world, or is this the new life he has signed up for?

Kate holds her head high and does what’s necessary, trying to balance what’s right with what feels right. What do you do when you began to crave the sensual touch of more than one man? How do you choose and who will you hurt in the process?

Dissention begins to tear at the seams of their relationships, leaving several of them at odds with one another, but a larger threat is headed their way. These four villains will have to bind together – even tighter – regardless of their desire to.


Bill Turner is the new threat in town and he’s hell-bent on bringing Marcus and Kate back under his leadership, but Victor’s not at all willing to part with his new associates.

Kate struggles as a new drug is brought onto the market, namely because she’s given dominion over it.

Jon continues to struggle with his attraction to Kate and his need to remain good, but when things come to the boiling point, he has a decision to make that will change everything. The tension between Kate, Jon and Marcus starts to dissipate, and new emotions emerge – comfort and peace.

With too many players in the game, someone has to go. The question is who, and even more so – how?


Chained to their pasts, their passions and each other… until one link snaps

With Victor out of the picture, there’s nothing left to focus on but Bill Turner, a man who applies a tight grip and doesn’t take no for an answer. The serial killer has his eyes set on getting his ultimate prize – Kate.

With one threat out of the way, Marcus, Kate and Jon face their final hurdle to getting their life back. They have to pull together, learn to trust one another, and continue to foster their odd relationship if they plan to make it out alive and unscathed.

Sacrifice will be made, and we’ll finally get our HEA, but at what cost?

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